Living Alone

I recently moved out to start my life at college. I’ve never lived on my own before, so this was really a change for me.

I used to live in Washington. I lived in Washington for most of my life. I had developed my own little social circle and figured out where I fit there. I had some really close friends that I’d shared life changing moments with. Now, all of that would change. I graduated High School and went off to BYU for the summer term. I was now 912 miles from home, from my family, from my friends. I’ve spent this last four weeks dropped into a completely new place with completely new people. Needless to say, I was a little antsy for it all. Sure I was excited, but it was a big change. I am an adult now, and it was time to do some adulting.

The first few weeks were kind of a blur. Very surreal. It was hard for me to embrace that I really was where I am. This weird form of stress has bothered me for these last four weeks. But as I’ve said before, our Heavenly Father is always watching out for us. I met these guys two doors down in my dorm and we became quick friends. My friends and family checked up on me with phone calls and texts. Those little things really helped me get into college life.

Another struggle with living alone is the fact that you are now completely responsible for you. Want to sleep through your 8 AM class? (whoops!) No one is gonna ask why you missed it! Forget to make your bed? Mom isn’t even going to know! The only one who deals with the consequences is you. I learned this quick and it really made me “grow up” in a way. I strengthened and started new habits. I really gained a deeper understanding of free agency. Living on your own is hard because it’s when that right of free choice takes full effect.

One of the best habits that I strengthened was daily prayer. Daily prayer will always help guide your day and your actions. If we remember to pray, our day will be a little easier, our burdens a little lighter, and we’ll have help staying on top of our commitments. If you’re reading this and you’re about to start life on your own, or you’re already living on your own, I’d encourage you to pray daily, aim for a morning and evening prayer. Even if you aren’t yet on your own, daily prayer will help you too. I can promise you that it will really make a noticeable difference in how your day unfolds.

I really hope you enjoyed this! If you’ve got any tips or tricks to being on your own, comment below! Have a story you’d like to share? Send it to us by clicking here!

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