Missionary Moment 1: Gift of Tongues

Okay! I am officially in the Missionary Training Center studying the gospel and czech!This week, more than anything, I’ve learned about the gift of tongues. I have been told multiple times that Czech is the second hardest language offered in the MTC, and I only have nine total weeks to learn it (8 now!). On the first day, I walk into my class to meet one of my very nice teacher, the only thing “wrong” was that they only spoke Czech to us in class! I then learned that on my third day here, I would be teaching an investigator in Czech!

Needless to say, I felt very unqualified. But when I talked to some missionaries of other languages that had been here longer, they told me how they had developed testimonies of the gift of tongues and how if I would pray for it, it wouldn’t be instant, but I would be blessed with better and easier understanding of the language. I decided that I would take that step of faith, so I studied and prayed all the way up to the time for our lesson. And guess what! My companions and I were able to share our message and bear our testimonies completely in Czech! It was amazing for us! While it wasn’t perfect or elegant language, we were still able to convey our own personal feelings. As time has gone by, we have now taught four lessons, all in Czech. I have felt throughout this week something that my words fail to describe. The closest I can get is saying that as I study and exercise my faith, I can feel the Spirit in my heart. I can just feel God working through me and blessing me as I follow what he has called me to do. I could not do anything that I have done this week without major help from God. I know this is His work and that this is where I am supposed to be. I know that as I study and continue to exercise my faith, He will continue to bless me.

This truly is a wonderful work. God loves each and every one of us. I can’t wait to continue giving my all to serve Him.


-Starší (Elder) Harrell

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