Missionary Moment 10: Be Yourself

Hello! Žilina is awesome, but very cold! This week has been a lot of fun, and I learned a major lesson too. At one point this week, we were on the train heading back from some meetings and lessons. My slovak is still struggling, but I wanted to do something instead of just sit for two hours. So I turned to the guy sitting next to me, and I had noticed he had some nice earbuds. You know me, I really love music, so I decided to try to complement him on them. I tried to say “you have nice earbuds” but then realized I did not know the word for earbuds. I quickly turned to my companion and asked if he knew, then the guy I was trying to complement said “I speak english, if you want”. Needless to say, I was very happy to hear those words! We then had a nice conversation and the converastion naturally turned to being about why I was in Slovakia and what was on my tag. This all taught me a great lesson. As missionaries, we may feel the need to be that perfect “cookie cutter” missionary by doing things like starting every conversation with the gospel. But that is the amazing part. As missionaries, we are already different enough from the every-day person that the conversation will naturally move towards the gospel. God gave us our different passions and personalities for a reason. Along with that, these passions and hobbies allow us to connect with people and build relationships. If we trust in God and follow Him, he will put us where we, as our own unique selves, can do the most good. Isn’t that amazing? I can’t wait to see what else is in store!

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