Missionary Moment 12: Veselé Vianoce

Merry Christmas! Things are super busy here for the holidays, so this is going to be a little shorter.I wanted to speak a little about Christmas gifts. Christmas gifts seem a little funny when we think about it. Nothing on Christmas is really about us, so why are we giving gifts? As I thought about that this Christmas season, I had some interesting thoughts. The first was the very first gift of Christmas, which was Christ Himself. He gave his entire life to us. He atoned for our sins. He experienced every single piece of our lives. Because of this, His gift is the gift that keeps on giving. Whenever we are feeling down, we can turn to Him and find comfort, because He knows exactly what it feels like to be us. And because He loves us so dearly, when we are doing something good, especially for someone else, it is like giving Him a gift. So I personally think that is why we give gifts on Christmas. Which is because doing something good for someone else is in turn doing something for Christ.
I love Christmas time! I’m so grateful for the chance to focus a little extra on Him and what He gave us. See you soon!

Veselé Vianoce!

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