Missionary Moment 14: Change

Ahoj! Transfer calls came! I am now in the Prague Pankrác area for the next nine weeks and my new companion is Starší Raines! It is absolutely beautiful here!

Today I’d like to talk about change. Change is a funny thing. In this life it is completely unavoidable. Whether it is friends coming and going or moving to a new place or maybe losing a job, it seams like absolutely everything can change. For example, in just these past few months I have lived in three countries which spoke three different languages and used three different currencies. That could be classified as a “fun change” for lack of better term. But at the same time, some of these changes have been difficult. My life right now is almost completely different than a few months ago. It has been hard for me to leave the different places that I’ve come to love. I have found that the only thing gaurunteed to remain constant in my life or in anyone’s life is God and His gospel. Whenever things are hard, whenever things are changing in ways I might not like at the time, I know it will be okay. In this life, some changes come from people excercising their freedom of choice. Sometimes those choices really hurt us. Sometimes changes come from seemingly out of no where without any human input. Sometimes those just don’t make sense. The thing is, I know, that because God loves us, He will always help us make the best of all changes that come our way. He has a perfect plan for us. No matter what happens, he is the one calling the shots. That isn’t going to change. No matter what we do, no matter how we respond to these changes, He will continue to love us more than we can comprehend. That is NEVER going to change. He wants the best for us. Because of that, every change that comes our way, whether from choices or seemingly by chance, there is some good to come from it and something to learn as long as we continue to reach out to God’s ever outstretched arms. Things will always get better. There is always hope. I know that as we try to see the good in all our situations, as we stop and smell the everyday roses, we can be happy. We can each learn for ourselves that there is really a God, who loves us and has a plan for us. When things don’t go your way, just stop and pray!

Na shledanou!

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  1. the Stormin’ Mormon🌪⛈ says:

    Great shot! It looks beautiful like you said!! And I agree with everything you said. God can make the best out of every situation, especially new and challenging ones, if we just allow Him to.

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