Missionary Moment 15: Commit To His Plan

Ahoj!This week has been amazing! We saw miracles and met wonderful people every day!
One thing I learned this week was the importance of trusting in God as we walk in faith. By that I mean that we have to move to be guided. For example, let’s say that you have a horse drawn carriage. Now let’s say you need to go to the market to feed those horses. So you hop into your carriage and grab the raines and start trying to direct the horses to get to the market. If the horses dont trust you, and don’t start walking, you will not be able to guide the horses to the market. Now if the horses do move, even in the wrong direction, you can now direct them onto the right path for them. I belive God works the same way in our lives. If we sit idly by and say “if God has a plan, it will happen”, we are going to miss all the little blessings and promptings God gives us. But if we make a plan and start to act, we can then get either the confirmation of the route we choose, or a correction to the correct one.
We learned this this week when we had the best morning planning of our lives! We had everything planned out precisely, then, we locked our keys in our appartment. So we decided that we would just go through our day and get the keys later. We left to the metro station and then felt we needed to go back and just ask the landlord downstairs to let us in. So we walked back. Then, we couldnt even get into the appartment building to ask the landlord for the key without unlocking the first door. So we called the mission office and they said they had a key. After careful consideration, we decided to get the key then, even though the mission offices were the opposite direction of where we had planned to go. On the way we decided to try to talk to people. All the way to the metro, no one would talk to us. My companion then asked “who do you think we should talk to?” as we waited for the metro. I picked a girl that was kind of far from us. It felt right. Then the metro arrived so we got on by her and she didnt want to talk either, but then I noticed a man sitting by himself towards the corner. I smiled and waved, he smiled back, so we went over to talk to him. We asked where he was going and he said in czech “on a výlet (hike/trip), want to come?”. So we did! We were then able to walk and talk with him for the next while and able to share a little bit of the joy our message brings with him. We even planned to meet up again on monday! I know this was a miracle. If everything hadn’t gone exactly the way it did, we would’ve been on a different metro at a completely different time and completely missed him. If we hadn’t planned so carefully, God would not have been able to trust us enough to guide us to that man.

I know that as we walk in faith, and as we try to do what God wants, that everything will go the way it should. And that we will be blessed. God loves us so much!
See you all next week!

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  1. the Stormin’ Mormon🌪⛈ says:

    I love that analogy! Thanks for sharing and keeping us posted/up to date. I can’t wait to read more of your amazing experiences 🙂

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