Missionary Moment 18: The First And Last

Ahoj! It has been another amazing week! This week we did what is called a “fast” as a whole mission in preparation for the Easter season. A fast is when you go without food or drink for 24 hours. During this fast, as well as our normal missionary work, we read a document called “The Living Christ” which you can read here.
As I was studying and pondering this, a certain line stood out to me. That is where Christ says:

I am the first and the last

I wondered for a little bit as to what that could mean. How could someone be first and last? Then I had these thoughts. Christ is first in many ways, the first born of the Father, the first to rise from the grave. But He is also first in the sense that He lead the way by showing us how to live our lives. This, as you probably know, was a task of extreme difficulty that only He, being the perfect Son of God, could have done. He lived the perfect life, atoned for all of our mistakes and hardships, and broke the bands of death. This was an accomplishment that changed the world forever. And while Christ did this, He was also last. How?

He did all of this without the intention of getting “glory” or “fame”. He did all of this because of his love for us and for God. He went through these immensly difficult tasks putting everyone, everyone, else first. He lead the way perfectly, and now all He does is try to help us to follow Him and to obtain what He has obtained for us. Isn’t that amazing how He can love us that much? I love being a missionary because I get to share this message with everyone I meet! I’ve discovered this to be true for myself and I know that you can too. You can have a personal witness that God and Christ love you and know you personally by name. Isn’t that amazing?
See you all next week!


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