Missionary Moment 2: Stayin’ Alive

Hello again! I have officially hit the two week mark and it has really gone by fast!As I’ve been in the MTC, a lot of other elders have shared little tips such as “make it to sunday” or lots of other things to help me “get through” the 9 weeks I have here. But I’ve learned a very very valuable lesson in just these two weeks. After the first-week excitement wore off, and the MTC wasn’t “new” anymore, I started to lose my “optimistic drive” to work. This worried me a bit and I didn’t want to spend the next 7 weeks just “going through” the motions. So I prayed and studied to find an answer. As I did, many things just fell into place to answer my questions. My dad randomly sent me a letter that would help a ton, other elders recommended specific scriptures and messages to read without knowing that I was looking for any answers. And they all pointed to one thing. “Lose yourself, and get to work”. So I decided that if God was going to all this effort to tell me that, then I must really need to embrace it. So I did!
As I stopped focusing on how much I “enjoyed” learning that I would have to learn 46 different versions of most verbs and when/how to use them, I focused on how doing this would allow me to more successfully convey my own testimony of God’s love for each of us as I invite others to come unto Christ. As I made all these little changes, I noticed two things. One, everything was becoming easier, and two, I was LOVING every second of it!
I know that God really does love each and every one of us. I know that He wants us to be happy and that as we follow Him, he will give us Joy. I’m so grateful to know these things and I can’t wait to share them.
Thanks for all the great Emails!! See ya next week!

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