Missionary Moment 21: Be Clean

Hello! It has been a while! Life is great here on the mission!This week I would like to speak of a seemingly simple, but sometimes difficult, thing. In the Doctrine and Covenants chapter 42 verse 41, it reads:

And let all things be done in cleanliness before me.

I’ve been thinking of this recently and came across a profound thought, it doesn’t just say we should be clean in our morals, or our words, but in all things. So we should do our best to be clean physically too. I will now apologize in advance to all the younger readers for the next realization. But this means it is a commandment from God to have a clean room!
While this can seem a little silly, I have gained an honest testimony of this on my mission. Sure, I wasn’t a sloppy person before the mission, but as I have taken the time in my busy missionary life to keep my living place clean. As I pay extra attention to keeping everything neat and tidy, I have found an extra peace and a greater companionship with the Holy Ghost. I know that as you take the time to do the same, regardless of age, it will also help you in your life to better feel the spirit. As you do this, you can also have the added help in decision making and just a general greater feeling of peace.
See you next week!

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