Missionary Moment 23: Our Personal Relationship

Hello everyone! Transfer calls have come once again and I am now in the beautiful city of Uherské Hradiště! A small spiritual thought I wanted to share was how important it is to build our personal relationship with our Heavenly Father. On the mission, I have the privilege of spending all my time focusing on the spiritual side of life. Thanks to this I have come across a few major "tips and tricks" to having a strong relationship with God. There are three real points that I feel are most important to talk about right now.
First, and simplest, is prayer. But I do not mean those half-hearted words that we sometimes fling up when we are only praying for commandments sake. It is like if we were to call our mom, say "hey, thanks mom for everything you do. I would really like some help with finding a new job this week. Love ya, bye" and then hang up the phone. As the old phrase goes, "it is the thought that counts", so put some thought into it! One way we can get into this habit is to try this little challenge I heard. If you take the time to pray for 15 minutes every day, for 30 days, you will see a difference in your relationship with God. The reason this works, is because 15 minutes is a long time! If you are going to pray for that long, you better at least ponder of what you would like to talk about a little before hand. If you do this, and put in this effort, you will see miracles in your life.
Second, is scripture study. If prayer is how you talk to God, scriptures are one of the ways He responds. Here on the mission, I get a full hour of personal study every morning. That does wonders for me when I am looking for answers. However, I realize, a lot of you might not really have the time to dedicate an hour every morning to scripture. So an alternative that I could suggest is to fit at least a page or two in each day. The trick with scripture study for me is less duration of time, or number of pages but the quality of that reading and the consistency of that reading. If you read one verse a day, an honestly ponder how you can apply it to your life, it will do so much more than if you skim a few pages and call it good. If we want answers we have to be patient and consistent.
Third, is active involvement. Having the constant day to day missionary goal of bringing others unto Christ has really helped me see this. When we are actively involved in church and spiritual activities, we can really see and feel God’s love in our lives. Its just like when we set aside some time to be with a friend or family member. As you do, you understand and appreciate hem more. The same goes for church involvement. When we take the time to go to he church or the temple, it is like a small visit with our Heavenly Father.
Having this relationship with God has many other steps, just like any other relationship. But I know, that as we go out of our way to really come closer to Him, our lives will be so much brighter and so much more joyful.
See you all next week!

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