Missionary Moment 26: Seeing or Believing

Hello everybody! We have all heard of people choosing to believe something after they’ve seen it, but today I would like to talk about how we can believe without seeing, see without believing, and what that means.
To better illustrate, I’d like to share about a little activity we had as missionaries. We were all gathered together and they were teaching us about different aspects of missionary work. As part of the lesson, they took a senior missionary and a young elder. They then tied the two together, as they would for a three legged race, and blindfolded the senior missionary. They then explained, that without doing anything for him directly, the elder would have to guide the senior missionary through the room to find a mug and a pitcher of water, then proceed to fill the mug with the water. They then began to work their way around the room, the younger missionary explaining what to avoid and how to avoid it as they went. The senior missionary then proceeded to walk straight into a chair, and knock it over. As they continued on a little more, the elder continued to explain all the surroundings, to which the senior missionary responded, “you don’t need to tell me what it is, just what to do, I still can’t see”.
This little, unscripted exercise, became quite the life lesson. For me, it was all very symbolic of our journey through life. When we are trying to follow God, and we have made the necessary covenants with Him, we are very literally connected to Him just as these two missionaries were. And yet, the senior missionary (representing us) still ran into a chair! In life, even when we are doing our best, even with God’s help, we will have challenges, we will have pains, we will run into our own chairs. But just like the senior elder, we have to realize, it’s not a lack of help from God, and sometimes it isn’t even our fault, sometimes these hardships come because we live in an imperfect world.

Next, was even though he ran into the chair, he continued to follow the young elder. That’s because he realized that when he hit the chair, he was in a cluttered part of the room and needed the extra help if he didn’t want to hit every other chair around him. Similarly, we need to rely on God when we go through hardships in our lives. When we are hurting, when we face disappointment, when we feel like everything has been horribly unfair, that is when we need God most. When we turn to Him in these times, that is when He catches, He holds us, and tells us it will all be okay. We can still make it to the end of this maze we call life.

Lastly, when the senior elder said, “I still can’t see”, I thought about how we too can’t see a lot. We can’t see the whole picture of our lives, we can only figure out the bit that we have already felt our way through and that which others have told or taught us. There are times in life when sometimes, we just have to put our faith in Christ and rely on God to lead us through. Because God can see. He sees all the dangers around us as well as all the greatness we have ahead of us. Oftentimes the only way to the ultimate prize, is a narrow strip between lots of chairs and even people. There are times that I believe, God could describe everything to us, and yet we would still be “blind”. No matter what someone says, you can’t explain green to someone who has never seen color. That’s something they just can’t comprehend. And our lives are filled with uncomprehensible detours, potholes, and all kinds of hiccups. In Isaiah chapter 55 verse 8, it reads:

“For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the Lord”.

We just need to trust in His way. I have seen that throughout my life and am so very grateful for the knowledge that God is there. Through these past few weeks as a few loved ones have passed away, I have really found strength in the knowledge that this pain, these chairs, are temporary. I know that as I endure, I can find joy in the journey and reach that ultimate goal of eternal life, and be with all of my loved ones again. I know this is true for you. God loves you, He knows you by name, He is with you in your times of trial waiting lovingly to lead you onward to lasting peace and joy. Hang in there. See you next week!

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  1. Maree Walker says:

    Hi Elder Harrell. i miss you so much. I will try and call this Monday. I’m sorry to hear about the deaths of loved one’s.

    1. Thanks! I miss you too. Thank you for all your love and support!

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