Missionary Moment 7: Don’t You Just Love Love?

Hello everyone! This week has been a blast! My companions and I had the opportunity to teach Blanka Dvořaková and her husband Bratr Dvořak from Olomouc over Skype! It was so amazing to get to teach some native Czech speakers! On top of that, I get my travel plans tomorrow! Just to let you know, I don’t find out anything about my visa and if it went through until the day I leave. But I have been told that no news is good news and that if I haven’t heard anything (and I haven’t!) it means everything is still looking good!This week I’ve learned a lot about charity and God’s love for us. Especially with our Skype lesson. As we taught our lesson, I was just filled with these feelings for them. I just desperately wanted for them to come closer to Christ. I can honestly say that before my mission, this was not a common occurrence, even with the people I really held close to my heart. And now I was feeling it for these total strangers who I can hardly even understand! Then I realized what it was. It was Heavenly Father helping me see them how He sees them and trying to show His love for them through me. It was such an amazing experience. I could just feel the deep and personal care He has for them. I absolutely love being able to see Gods work from the perspective of a missionary.
I’ve also gained a personal testimony of how personally God knows and loves me while I’ve been at the MTC. I know He loves all of us more than we can comprehend. I also know that the best way to be happy in this life is to lose ourselves in loving others. As you do, God will bless you with a glimpse of His love for both them and for you! Isn’t it amazing?! I love this work!
See you next week!

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