Missionary Moment 9: Just Smile And Wave Boys

Hello! I’m officially in the field now! I am being trained by Starší Trythall. I am serving in Žilina Slovakia, and I now have to try to speak slovak instead of the czech I learned in the MTC. They are NOT the same!Everything has been absolutely crazy! I had to travel for almost three days to get here!
I however, had a very amazing experience on my way here. While we were waiting for the train here, we were doing what missionaries are known to do. Talk to people. We were at the train station in Bratislava and I has trying, without a whole lot of success, to understand what everyone else was saying. This essentially turned into me standing there and just smiling and being amazed at what I was trying to do. That is when the miracle happened. We were approached by a young slovak woman. She turned to my companion and gestured towards me. I was later told that she had asked “Why is he so happy?”. This turned into us riding the train together for three hours and teaching her about what we believe. The most amazing part was, that as we were having this discussion, I began to understand and was actually able to contribute every so often to help her understand why I, an american who doesn’t speak slovak and is trying to live here for two years, I am completely overjoyed to be doing it!
It was an amazing experience to see God’s hand in helping me know what to say and what to share that would be meaningful and help this woman. The gift of tongues is very real. I see it every single day I am out here trying my best. This is the best thing ever!

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