Snow Angels

Okay, so here goes another mountain story. I had just finished gathering my gear in the morning after the snow campout a year or so ago. I decided not to wait for everyone else. Rookie mistake.

So I then began to hike down the mountain. This time we had actually hiked pretty far up the mountain. I had not been overly smart and strayed from the beaten path to pick up a cool stick. Yup, a stick. What I didn’t realize was just how deep the snow really was off the path. I was instantly up to my waist and snow was officially in everything I was wearing. I quickly pulled myself back onto the path and tried to brush off what I could. Then I continued walking. I was so wet and so cold, it was miserable. My feet stung with the cold sloshing ice in my boots. After walking for maybe an hour, with no one in sight, I realized I had lost feeling in my foot. I began to worry so I sat and pulled off my boot. My foot was this strange gray color and I could hardly move it. Needless to say, this scared me pretty bad. So I said a prayer.

I prayed that I wouldn’t get frostbite and would be able to make it the rest of the way down safely. I closed the prayer and very worriedly tried to figure out how to heat up my feet. That’s when this random couple came out of nowhere onto the trail. They quickly came up to me, saw my foot, and asked if I needed help. I, knowing that they were an answer to my prayer and a sign that I’d make it, politely declined their offer. The man then suggested I take my wool hat and use it as a sock for that foot for the rest of the walk down. I thanked him and proceeded to put my hat-covered foot back into my boot. They then continued up, and I began my walk down. In no time at all, I began to regain feeling in my feet. When I got to the parking lot, I hopped onto the back of the truck and pulled my boot off. My feet were now both very cold, but pink. I was so relieved! I knew that God sent those two hikers my way to help me.

This taught me that sometimes life can get hard and we can very easily become discouraged. If we turn to God in these times of struggles, he will give us hope. Our Heavenly Father will always provide a way to successfully find our way home. We are never alone on this walk we call life. God has blessed us with families and friends to help us along the way. There is always help when we are willing to ask. Have faith in Him, have hope for your future, and keep on walking towards our heavenly home. One day, we will make it.

I really hope you enjoyed this! If you’ve got any tips or tricks to being on your own, comment below! Have a story you’d like to share? Send it to us by clicking here!

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